Where do I begin. It was the summer of 2020. The first, and hopefully last, summer of Covid-19. What started out as a venture to live stream with minimal guest turned into a a safe, socially distanced, full-blown weekly gathering of electronic music lovers to enjoy some of the best house and techno DJ’s Detroit has to offer. People came from as far away as Ann Arbor faithfully every week to hear the likes of The A.M., Sillygirlcarmen, Allan Ester, DJ Righteous, DJ Scandalous, Darrell Dyer, Los Hermanos, Kevin Dysard, DJ Smoove, and of course, your most humble and grateful host, the Inner Frequency Recordings crew Lytskin Dave and DJ Eternal Student. Mr. Jabril and James Bradley both came in from NYC to deliver a musical beatdown and vocal serenade respectively.

The event initially ran every other Thursday from 5PM-9PM, but Detroit music lovers couldn’t get enough. The ushering in of DJ Mr. Tony Dennis for the alternate weeks rounded out the event with his “A Better Way To Pray” series which aim was to deliver a musical sermon of deep and soulful house. His guest included Mr. Seth Carter, Eric Johnson and DJ Taz (Jeff Arthur) of Gruv Detroit. But Tony primarily carried that event with his own musically magical 4 hour journeys through some of the latest deep and soulful house being produced today.

With The Congregation being a community based coffee house from inception, guest ranged in age from 8 months to 80. The more senior guest liked to come early and leave around sunset. I don’t think it would be too much to assert either that I saw a cane or 2 left on a bench as the music moved them to get up and groove a little.

This event was a wonderful testimony to the music and how it moves the young, the old, and everyone in between. In the year of a pandemic, a large repurposed church with a huge outdoor deck, and it’s adjacent greenspace became a mecca for a brief weekly getaway from the reality of what we all personally and globally had to deal with. It was in fact, in my humble opinion, what got many of us through these trying times at that moment.

The Congregation Detroit is located at 9321 Rosa Parks, Detroit MI