Charivari Worldwide

This Christmas, the days leading up to it (December 23rd and 24th), and the weekend that follows, (December 26th and 27th), treat yourself to the Charivari Worldwide Holiday Cheer Mix brought to you by Charivari Detroit exclusively on Mixcloud. Click here to check out the incredible lineup of DJs and the schedule.

Now that we’ve dispensed that news, let’s digress: Here is a little background info about what Charivari is, and has become, according to organizer, Todd Johnson:

Charivari Detroit is an annual FREE three-day DJ focused electronic music festival held in Detroit the first weekend in August. We started in 2014 to first and foremost be a celebration of our city and it’s contributions to electronic dance music. Techno is a Detroit creation and Detroit is flush with the pioneers and present day masters of the genre. Detroit is also a hub of many of the most talented and respected DJs and producers of House and all forms of electronic music. Over the years we have evolved into a multi stage three day weekend of music, art, yoga, food and fun! The Charivari Worldwide brand intends to spread our brand of fun and festivities across the world thru the festival, branded gear, artists, music, radio and events. Charivari Detroit weekend is the greatest assembly of Detroit based DJ talent ever! The Charivari family is a bond. The bond and growth of the community. Support and engagement. Above faction, friction and fad. The people. The music. The dancing. The DJs. The crowd. The culture. Our manta is #letyourselfgo

The 2020 Pandemic and the global shutdowns presented a unique challenge of how you keep your Brand relevant and active. The first hurdle was the “where” in planning the transition from the physical to the internet. The Mixcloud platform was a no brainer decision, teaming with a internet platform and brand that respects both the artists and the legal use of music. The second and most time consuming was assembling an amazing roster of talent. There were many new fronts that required quickly educating yourself. Streaming technology, worldwide publicity, artist outreach and film and sound production. 5 Mag, Fusicology, Ransom Note were key in getting the word out. And the DJ community rallied and showed out. We smashed the internet with the number one streams on the platform in August, October and November. Our audiences have been larger than most global festival brands.

We have always tried to make Charivari operate as a extended family. So the community aspect was one of the easiest in putting this together. We put out the call to our DJ network and extended the invitation to contribute to them and their connections. The response has been overwhelming. Thanksgiving will be our third stream and as we plan forward to the future there has been no shortage of willing participants. We would love to get back to the festival the first of August 2021 as we head into our 9th year.

Whether it be with the World fully opened or in some hybrid fashion with Mixcloud, streaming will remain a permanent part of our growing entertainment menu which includes Charivari Radio, branded parties in multiple locations and utilizing our growing DJ pool made possible by Mixcloud opening the planet.

You can tune in to the Christmas stream with this direct link:

Just like the music itself, Charivari was destined to outgrow the confines of Detroit and become a global hub for true house and techno music artist and enthusiasts. But it is a massive undertaking that is not possible without continued support. If you’d like to help out with the efforts you can directly do so by donating or shopping on the websites store where they have some very dope gear.