Photo Credit: Mike Grant

Inner Frequency Recordings Label Boss, Marvin Prather is a DJ, a dance-music producer, and down right lover of house and techno music.  Especially the deeper, rawer, soulful sounds of the underground.

He grew up in an era that carried on the legacy of the infamous Detroit dance scene social clubs. Kids throwing parties with hundreds of guest dancing to latest progressive and early dance records of the early to mid 80’s that was being played by a select group of talented young DJ’s. Many of who would go on to become the founders of what we know today as Techno, house, and electronic music. 

During those early years until today, a lifetime relationship with those DJ’s and producers would be forged. “In addition to growing up around of host of talented musicians in and around Motown, I was blessed to grow up with what were to become some of the most prolific dance (house and techno) music producers on the planet today.” While his homelife consisted of the musical influences of Motown, Jazz, Soul, Rock, and RB by way of an older brother who collected one of the most extensive and diverse record collections in the city, his outside influences included promoting parties being played by the likes of Kevin Dysard, Ray Berry, Delano Smith, and others. After a stint of military duty, His young adult years were filled with late Friday nights into the early mornings at the infamous Music Institute dancing and socializing with Alton Miller, Derrick May, Marc Kinchen, and out of town visits from the likes of a young Ron Trent. “The funny thing is I had a girlfriend who was best friends with Carl Craigs’ girlfriend, and I had all of his early releases. It never dawned on me to ask him how he made this stuff. I just knew I loved it.” 

His middle 20’s through 30’s gave him a different focus: raising a family. In between some of those years the Detroit Electronic Music Festival was born and inspired him to DJ whenever he could. He has shared the booth playing parties with Eddie Fowlkes, Bruce Bailey, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, DJ Minx, Rick Wilhite, Marcellus Pittman, Raybone Jones, and others. 

Out of a desire to get more bookings as a DJ, he took to production work. It is here that he found his passion. To his own surprise – he has produced a number of songs, catching the ear of his musical peers and some of the most respected local producers and label owners. It is what happens when 40 years of musical knowledge and experiences are released from a soul with an eternal passion for music. As DJ Eternal Student, Marvin is truly an up and coming producer to keep your ears tuned into.